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Recently I’ve been feeling so inspired to be about my business and just do things to better myself. The reason I’ve been motivated is simply because I want to be rich…I mean who doesn’t? Here’s why I want to be rich…I want to get to a point in my life where I’m comfortable financially and don’t have to worry about the future or money and my family doesn’t have to worry about it either. Secondly, I want to travel, go to as many new places as I possibly can. And last but not least, one of the things I’m very passionate about is starting my own charity to help underprivileged children in Southern Africa get access to food, shelter, health, education etc. To do this I personally feel like I have to have some money saved to start the charity and not just go to people asking for funding or donations when I haven’t invested anything into the charity myself.

So back to the reason for this post…I procrastinate a lot but I’ve noticed that I follow quite a few women on Snapchat that inspire and motivate me to not be lazy and push me to work hard. That’s one of the reasons why I love Snapchat.  It’s not just about seeing what people get up to for fun but if you follow the right people, they share motivational stuff, how they started their businesses, give career/business tips or just simply inspire you through their work ethic.  

Here are a few of the ladies I follow on Snapchat that are worth a follow! You might know all or some of them already. There are actually quite a lot of great people to follow but I decided to just share four women for now because I’m all for women empowerment! 

1) Samantha Maria ~ Style/Life Blogger & Vlogger
Samantha Maria, my namesake. See why I love her already haha? Mostly known as ‘Beauty Crush’, I started following Sammi on Youtube and her blog years ago after I came across a picture of her on Tumblr. One thing that drew me to watching her videos and reading her blog was how sweet and down to earth she was and still is. Of course, I love her style and lately it’s just been getting better and better! I love her work ethic. She’s just so hard working. On top of blogging, she’s got a fashion and beauty channel and also does daily vlogs. If you know anything about Youtube videos you know the filming and editing is a long stressful process but her videos/ blogposts are always well thought out and well edited. I don’t know how she manages it! I struggle with blogging alone (I'm sure you can tell from my little disappearing acts I do from time to time). Anyhoo check her out on the snap: sammi.maria

2) Claire Sulmers ~ Editor-In-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily

I love Claire; she’s another person with great work ethic. Harvard educated writer and the beauty and brains behind one of the most influential style blogs, The Fashion Bomb Daily...Always on the go with different projects but still manages to get work or her sites done!  Started out as a small blog but now Fashion Bomb Daily is recognised internationally with a huge following. I think that’s what most of us bloggers aspire to be…big time bloggers with many amazing opportunities opening up but one think I learnt from Claire is that it takes time! 
Snapchat: ClaireSulmers

3) Ciera Rogers, Founder Of Babes And Felines
I love Ciera’s story of how she started out with nothing and she even said in one of her snaps that she was living on her sister’s couch at one point but now she’s a successful designer/business owner. Kim Kardashian is also a fan of hers, having recently worn a few of her dresses. You know you’ve made it when Kim wears your designs more than once! For a business the exposure from that is huge! Ciera regularly shares the work that goes into her business, from photoshoots to post office runs etc. She sometimes also gives tips and shares business books that she reads. Make sure you check her out! Snap: cierarogers

 4) Julz Goddard - a.k.a YesJulz
 ...the self-proclaimed ‘Director of Vibes’. Julz has used social media especially Snapchat as a platform to promote her projects and build a successful brand. She’s worked with big names such as Revolt TV, Beats By Dre, Red Bull etc. It’s just inspiring seeing someone travel the world and having a career that they love. Her snaps include her working with her all-girl entertainment, marketing and events agency, her daily life, events that she has and even personal stuff that we all go through. I just love her energy and how relatable she is. Her motto #NeverNotWorking sums her up perfectly! Snapchat: yesjulz

Who do you follow on Snapchat or any other social media that you think I should check out?

PS: I'm on snapchat too: samswardrobe :)

Sammy xoxo

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