Thursday, 21 August 2014

' Paris Diary ~ Kimonos & Oversized Hats '

(Pics by Afeeyah)

Hello everyone! I hope you're all good.
I've been back from Paris for about a week now and I've been dying to blog but I didn't have my laptop :(. I have so many pictures and outfits to share with you guys so I'll be doing outfit posts and a picture diary or two. I absolutely loved Paris! Everything was just so beautiful and picturesque. Had the best mango and strawberry ice cream ever!!! Had crĂªpes like everyday we were there! There were so many sights to see and soo many good looking French men haha. I went with my bestie and we didn't get to see everything so I'll definitely go back another time.

IMG_9615 IMG_9611 IMG_9601 IMG_9598 IMG_9612 IMG_9585 IMG_9589 IMG_9594 IMG_9591 - Copy IMG_9595 IMG_9584 IMG_9566 IMG_9557 IMG_9565 IMG_9558 IMG_9550 IMG_9483 IMG_9520 IMG_9527 IMG_9555 IMG_9523 IMG_9551
*sorry for the pics overload*

| Kimono: Clothesminded| Top & Trousers: ASOS | Court Shoes: Primark | Clutch: Boohoo | Hat: H&M | 

I wore this outfit when we went to see the Notre-Dame and also the Louvre Museum. Both were just amazing to see. The kimono I'm wearing is a recent buy from Clothesminded and was only £4.99! Clothes-Minded is my new fave online store now, everything is just so chic and affordable. Of course, I have to mention the hat. It is my absolute fave accessory ever! When I saw it on a few people I just had to get it. It's such a head turner and so extravagant and fabulous! 


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