Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'Outfit Ideas For Men | Mainline Menswear Blogger Challenge'

Hi guys so I was approached by Mainline Menswear to do a blogger challenge and it involves creating an outfit of what I would love to see my man/brother/friend wearing on Christmas day. I rarely do anything related to menswear on this blog but I thought what the heck let me do it, it’s something different and it might give you guys ideas as well when you’re buying gifts for your boyfriends, husbands or brothers.

MM1 edit

MM2 edit

Well I’m single so I created the outfits with a couple of my friends in mind. They have slightly different styles so I created the outfits incorporating both their styles to come up with an ideal look that they would like but most importantly that I would like hehe. The end result is totally something I would like to see my boyfriend wearing…if I had one lol. I created two different outfits: a sort of casual look if you're going to be at home or visiting family and a 'party' outfit if you're going to a Christmas party or something. 

What do you think of the looks I put together? Is this something that your boyfriend or husband would wear? 

If you're like me and haven't bought all your presents or stocking fillers yet, definitely check out Mainline Menswear. They have amazing stuff from loads of different brands! 


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