Tuesday, 10 September 2013

'Check Mate'

Photos by Shantelle Jangira

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I read KT Reed's blogpost the other day on 'What makes a blog successful?'. I confess to being one of those people guilty of sometimes scheming through blog posts and just looking at the pictures. One of the reasons is that the blogger's content might not be something that interests me but will have amazing style so I'll go through all their pictures for inspiration or another reason might simply be that I may not have the time to actually read the content.

A lot of the blogs that I follow are well established and have thousands of followers. I rarely leave comments on such blogs because I just feel like they they have a  huge following already and my comment out of hundreds is not going to matter that much. 

One thing I've noticed is that established successful bloggers get loads of opportunities to do amazing things, meet new people, travel around the world etc. This sometimes has made me doubt whether my blog is good enough or whether it's 'cool or stylish' enough. Frankly, I don't have designer stuff, don't travel abroad a lot neither nor do I go to various fashion events where I get to dress up all the time. So if  don't wear the latest trends, or get glammed up all the time and post casual day to day outfits. I hope you still find my blog interesting enough to come and visit again.

I'm learning how to blog/write better content, edit pictures and just a bunch of ways to enhance my blog so I hope it'll continue to grow and I'll stay true to why I started blogging (for the love of it) and not just to get 'big'. 

What are your thoughts on being a 'successful' blogger?

Sammy xo

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  1. woow so pretty I love it !!

  2. I am guilty of visiting ur posts all the time and never commenting but I LOVE your style and actually I get the most inspiration from people's casual looks because I'm trying to work on my casual style. I have a huge following but every comment means a lot to me and I do try to reply back to everyone on my blog that takes the time to comment. I would love to travel abroad and go to fashion events but I have a career and a Husband and that comes first in my life so even if I never get to do those things as long as get to inspire and be inspired I consider my blog successful.

    1. Aw thank you! I'm guilty of that too but I absolutely love your style. You're just seem like a nice, fun and bubbly person in your pictures. I appreciate that you actually try and reply to your comments unlike other bloggers and I absolutely understand that its time consuming. And you're inspiring to a lot of us curvy women out here so keep on doing what you're doing.:)

  3. You look ammazing ....I'm such a fan...may I ask what you weigh? I weigh 78kg and I am scared I may not be able to pull this look off ...help! What do you weigh?


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