Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Things

 Are these freakin' amazing or what?!?! I got them from River Island during the boxing day sales for only £35, I think they were £80 originally.

My first ever Zara purchase. I like Zara but I can't afford most of their stuff so I was really happy when I found these bargains. Everything came to about £65. 

H&M find...only £7. I love anything with a touch of neon. I wasn't having any lucky that day, all the shoes I wanted were only available in size 8!! Even the neon H&M strappy heels that everyone was wearing a little while back were only £10 but yet again they were size 8...I was so gutted!

Flatforms only £5 from Dorothy Perkins!

iPad cases from BHS.

 My new favourite bag from La Moda similar to the Zara one but with a cheaper price tag. 

This is a long overdue post that's just been sitting in my drafts folder. It's just a few things I purchased a few months ago that I'm absolutely in love with.

Hope you are all well :) xx



  1. Nice buys :) I love Zara, too, but they should be more affordable!!! :D ♥

    1. Thanks....I know right, they're a bit pricey which is a shame cos they have really nice stuff!


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