Sunday, 24 March 2013

Get the look: Vanessa Hudgens

I love this look on Vanessa so I thought I'd recreate the look with affordable high street pieces. I love the colour of the dress, definitely one of the colours I will be wearing this spring and summer...hopefully this weather will get better. This is something I would wear on a date or 
to a wedding.

| Dress: River Island | Earrings: ASOS | Strappy sandals: ZARA |

PS: Sorry for the long hiatus, was away in Africa enjoying the sun hehe :D. 


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  1. Nice post, Sam! I could totally see that look on you, that shade of yellow would look amazing with your skin! (whereas I could never pull it off :P) Great that you're posting again ♥ xo

    1. Thanksss, I'm sure you could too :p. I was away for a couple weeks and when I came back I had lost my mojo a little bit but I'm getting back into the swing of things now so will be posting regularly :)



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