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  { This post is a little different to what I usually post about on my blog.. }

So last Friday I went to this Italian restaurant called Machiavelli 'kitchen and dining room' for a 'belated' Valentine’s Day dinner with my girls. We were going to be around Covent Garden area in London and had made a reservation at a different restaurant but when we got there the place didn't look as nice as did online. We ended up walking for almost 2 hours trying to find the right place to eat...yeah we're very picky. My friend then found this place but by the time we for there we were kind of fed up and tired and hungry! 

When we looked at the menu it wasn't what we were expecting. Like most Italian restaurants we were expecting a large selection of pastas, pizza and all that jazz but the menu was very limited. So we sat there for almost 20 minutes trying to decide whether to stay or not and we ended up staying. I'm glad we did! Like I said from the menu, it's not your typical Italian restaurant but the setting is very elegant and romantic, not too busy and makes you feel like you're dining in a beautiful restaurant in Tuscany, Italy. We had our meal in the underground floor of the restaurant and it was very quiet, perfect place for a date or just a meal for one.

After going through the menu vigorously, I finally decided on a main usual lasagne, didn't really like any of the starters so was ready to order then I was told the lasagne had no meat in it...I love meat so I wasn't too happy about that and had to have a look at the menu again to pick something else! At this point my level of frustration was sky high and was fed up! I ended up going with the pot roast chicken with caponata and fresh mint with a side of roast potatoes. We ordered a bottle of red wine to go with the meal.

Wasn't sure what to expect but when I tasted that chicken OMG it was delicious! Everything was well cooked and very tasty! For dessert I ordered panna cotta with caramel and it was amazing! It was so smooth and just melted in my mouth! I had a bit of the tiramisu as well and it was equally good. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Now it’s not a place I would go regularly no matter how amazing the food was because I think it's a little bit overpriced. However, I will go back when I feel like treating myself a little. If you're ever in the Covent Garden area and love Italian food I recommend this place.

kitchen & dining room
69 Long Acre
London WC2E 9JS
Nearest Stations:  Covent Garden, Holborn


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  1. oooo that food looks yummy!


  2. What a nice looking restaurant, I would absolutely love to dine there! And I think it's great that not every Italian restaurant serves pizza and pasta. ;) xoxo ♥

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  4. that restaurant is so cute! your blog is really nice. Would you like to follow each other?

  5. Love your post!

    it makes me so hungry! hahha


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